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Best Polyester and Plastic Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers

Many bowlers employ a hook on their shots, but most beginners start by bowling a straight ball. When you're at this stage of your bowling career, and possibly averaging 150 pins or less, there are some particular types of balls that you'll want to get. Specifically, it's the plastic and polyester options that should be on your wish list, as they're best suited to straight bowlers.

There are some significant advantages to going this route. First, plastic and polyester bowling balls are cheaper, so you won't break the bank when getting your equipment. And the plastic coverstock is perfectly suited to a straight shot so you'll be able to enjoy success with your straight release. This article will dig into these ideas a little deeper and go over the best plastic and polyester balls for straight bowlers so you can improve your game as quickly as possible.

First, it's necessary to talk a little bit about bowling ball coverstocks (meaning the material that the outside of the ball is made of). The main categories are plastic/polyester, urethane and reactive resin. The most advanced competitive bowlers typically use reactive resin balls that are specifically designed to absorb oil better, giving them an edge when facing difficult lane conditions and providing increased hook potential and power. Urethane balls also have increased hook potential than plastic/polyester balls, but less so than reactive resin. These are also preferred among hook bowlers.

But if you throw a straight ball, you won't need either of these and a plastic ball should be your choice. Plastic bowling balls skid more and keep a straighter trajectory, and are especially good on dry and house lane conditions. They are much cheaper than urethane or reactive resin balls but are still a big step up from the dinged up house balls you see on the racks at your local bowling alley. Some plastic balls will come pre-drilled, or you can take it to a professional to have it drilled to your hand. (The type of grip you use can be a big factor in this decision.)

But it's not quite as simple as only beginners use plastic, because even bowling professionals use plastic balls! For reasons we've just discussed, they don't use them for their strike ball, but plastic balls make an ideal spare ball because picking up spares usually requires a straight shot. So even if you think you might want to start hooking the ball in the future, a plastic ball is still a good thing to get now: you can keep it to be your spare ball. Details of the coverstock and other specs matter much more for high-performance reactive balls. For plastic balls, they are much more similar, and main considerations include picking a quality manufacturer and a look that you genuinely like. Here are a couple specific candidates for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

Top Plastic Bowling Balls on the Market

1. Brunswick T-Zone

brunswick t-zone bowling ball

This Brunswick plastic option is a good starter polyester bowling ball, which has a nice design and a high gloss polish finish for an attractive look coupled with good performance.

The T-Zone line has been on the market for a very long time, and Brunswick, a highly trusted name in the bowling world, has strove for continuous improvement resulting in this latest iteration.

2. Pyramid Path

pyramid path bowling ball

The Pyramid Path series can be a good choice for bowlers of all levels of experience due to its nice polyester coverstock ideally suited for straight shots. Straight bowlers can use it as a strike ball and those who hook can employ it for spares.

And its attractive cover can be dressed up in many different color palettes, resulting in a customized look that will grab the attention of your bowling companions as well as perform well for you.

3. Ebonite Maxim

ebonite maxim

Ebonite is another big brand name in bowling, and the Maxim line is very popular as a beginner bowling ball, or one for more advanced bowlers looking for a straight shot for their spares.

This particular ball's materials allow for a smooth, true trajectory which will help you stay accurate with your shots and knock down more pins.

4. Columbia 300 White Dot

columbia 300 white dot bowling ball

The Columbia 300 White Dot is a a consistently popular plastic ball which has been voted among the best in its class time and time again.

The ball boasts a sleek look with a few different color options, and it's ready for show time: whether it be as your primary ball for a straight shot or your spare ball to pick up those pesky spares.

Is there another bowling ball that you like? If so, let us know in the comments below. All in all, a plastic ball isn't designed to optimize your hook, but it is a great starter ball for a straight shooting beginner or a spare ball for bowlers of all levels. Because of this, a quality polyester bowling ball is a good addition to your arsenal no matter who you are.

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