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What is the Best Reactive Resin Ball for Hook?

Bowling balls can be made of many different materials, and their surface (or "coverstock") is what determines how much friction the ball will generate against the lane and consequently how much it will hook. Plastic balls are used by beginners and travel mostly straight, while urethane balls have a higher hook potential, especially in dry conditions.

But reactive resin (or resin for short) bowling balls are what you want if you're looking for the strongest hook potential. This basically means a urethane coverstock that has had resin particles or other modifications added. These particles can vary considerably to suit different bowling styles and conditions, so the reactive resin bowling ball is a diverse category. This article will go over the best reactive resin balls for hook so you'll know which ones to focus on as possible additions to your arsenal.

Reactive coverstocks come in a couple of different varieties. Some are known as solid reactive coverstocks, which feature the largest number of tiny reactive pores on the surface of the bowling ball. Pearl reactive balls add a different ingredient to the picture, mica, which lets the ball react longer on drier lane conditions. There is a combination of the two as well, known as a hybrid reactive coverstock, which is the best of both worlds: mid-lane action from the solid and back-end movement from the pearl variety. Then there are the aforementioned particle coverstocks which can be made from various materials and help you cut through the oil further. Various reactive balls can be better suited for medium or heavy lane conditions, so make sure you take a look at that category when deciding on a ball. Now, without further ado, let's take a look at a few specific balls that will be ideal for a strong, powerful hook and where you'll likely find the best bowling ball for hook for your own game.

Top 5 Reactive Bowling Balls for Hook

1. Columbia Freeze Hybrid

columbia freeze hybrid bowling ball

The Freeze Hybrid is a great option from Columbia featuring a Modified Messenger core which has been extremely popular among bowlers who have a bit more experience.

The reactive coverstock boasts a mix of solid and pearl materials that allow for a great hook. It is well-suited for various lane conditions and thrives especially on medium oil patterns.

2. Brunswick Strike King

brunswick strike king bowling ball

We've explained that reactive balls are more costly and suited towards more experienced bowlers. But it's not always quite that simple, and sometimes you can reap the benefits!

Exhibit A: this reactive ball that is easy on the wallet and a good one for bowlers who want to try hooking the ball more seriously.

3. Hammer Black Assassin

hammer black widow assassin bowling ball

If you're looking for a serious back-end, the Black Assassin is a good choice. Its NBT Solid coverstock is coupled with a Gas Mask core and finished off with 1000 grit Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish.

This combination results in a very aggressive ball that can be considered one of the best reactive choices on the market today and a candidate for the best bowling ball for hook.

4. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

pyramid path rising pearl bowling ball

This is another entry-level reactive ball that is easier on the wallet and ideal for those who are just starting to make their jump to the next level. the path reactive pearl coverstock is best used on medium-dry lanes.

And it has a New Era 139 symmetric core which gives you some different options when you are having it drilled. To top it off, the sleek look will earn the attention of your lane-mates, no matter whether you choose the black or silver variety.

5. Ebonite Cyclone

ebonite cyclone bowling ball

The Ebonite Cyclone is a high performance option that gives you plenty of bang for your buck. It's ideal for medium or drier lanes, but it can do a great job on oily ones too.

The Cyclone core and GB 10.7 coverstock are finished off by a 4000 Abralon and Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish for a great overall ball to choose.

In conclusion, reactive resin bowling balls are designed for higher performance and hook potential, so they're what you want to do for if you want to take your game to the next level. They're not for absolute first-timers, but since there are some reactive options that aren't prohibitively expensive, you can still enjoy their benefits even if you're not that advanced of a bowler yet. We don't recommend a reactive resin ball, however, if you throw a straight ball, because you won't take advantage of what your ball has to offer. But if you decide that it's time to take the next step and develop a hook shot, then a reactive resin bowling ball is a must-buy. We've run through several great options here in this article, so best of luck picking the right one for you and best of luck on the lanes!

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