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Slow Motion Footage of the Professional Bowling Swing (Video)

When you’re learning how to bowl, words can be valuable but pictures can be even better in demonstrating some of the important concepts. So what, then, about videos? At we pride ourselves on our bowling articles series that takes beginners through all of the basics they need to start bowling the right way and with confidence.

But many times a bowling video can do wonders in helping visualize those key steps and techniques that are crucial to developing a good bowling stroke.

Today we have an amazing bowling video that was created Dean Champ, an Analysis of the Modern 10-Pin Bowling Swing and Release

The video shows the bowling swing in slow motion all the way to release by a number of bowlers including Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Chris Barnes, Mike Fagan and many more. The HD footage is courtesy of IABowling Channel.

You can really see how these bowlers do it, and at times the creator has added helpful text to complement the visuals. Areas covered, as noted in the video description, are “swing plane, knee continuation, the hinge, balance arm forward – thumb down, the apex of the swing, staying inside, the release … and the follow through.”

The video has been quite popular on Youtube, earning over 200k views and 1k likes, and an overwhelming percentage of positive comments. It has even earned the admiration of Youtubers who do not care about bowling, as shown in this comment: “Why am i here I don’t even like bowling… thumbs up though.”

The video is labeled as Part 1, so we have a follow-up to look forward to. If it’s anywhere near as good as this effort, it will be worth your time. Let us know what you thought of this video in the comments section.


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