It’s the 10th Frame and You’re Up By a Few Pins. Are You Locked In Or Are You Gonna Choke?

Follow Our Proven System to Adopt a Pro Bowler Mindset and Skyrocket Concentration, Consistency and Confidence. Then Watch Your Scores Climb!

bowling-237905_1920It’s the final frame and your team is neck and neck with the competition. Everything hinges on this final ball.

As you step up to the approach, a variety of thoughts swirl through your head.

You try to remember the technical points from your last bowling session: don’t overturn the ball, stay behind it, and be sure to have a smooth follow-through.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice your opponent watching you intently. He’d love to see you miss the pocket and leave a split. You look up at the screen to see whether you can still win if you leave an open.

You try to forget the mistakes you made earlier in the session, but it’s tough to get them out of your head. “I’ve gotta focus! ” you tell yourself, as you try desperately to banish those visions and deliver in the clutch.

With all of this going on around you and inside your head, do you hit a strike to win the game, or do you choke?


The mental side of bowling is usually ignored by beginner and intermediate players, but it holds the key to rapid improvement.


No matter your level of bowling play, you encounter distractions competing for your attention, negative thoughts that cloud your judgment, and pressure situations that threaten to break you down.

Just think about the last time you didn’t execute on the lanes at an important moment.

Was it due to a purely mechanical breakdown?

Odds are, it wasn’t. More likely, it was due to factors like being distracted, feeling nervous, or having another emotion interfere with your play.

In addition, do you wish you could bowl more consistently?

Do you sometimes put it all together for a good game but struggle to sustain your momentum?

Do you go through runs of bad form where you start to think negatively, which only makes things worse?

All of this is the mental game at work, and all can be improved with our training system Get in the Bowling Zone!



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Get in the Bowling Zone is available for instant download and delivered to you electronically. Here’s what you’ll find:


  • Advanced mental techniques to keep you executing even in the face of tough conditions and emotional ups and downs.
  • Why focus and concentration lead to massive bowling gains, and how you can increase them in just a few minutes.
  • A blueprint for building bowling systems and habits that will keep you motivated and allow you to improve faster.
  • Why you shouldn’t try to completely ignore your negative thoughts, and what to do instead that will banish them for good.
  • Why some bowling practice can actually make you worse and how to best train what you personally need to work on.
  • And much more!

All of this is only $7.99, so secure your copy today.


Get in the Bowling Zone is filled with research and insight from top bowling coaches and sports psychologists who know how you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your full bowling potential.

To truly succeed in bowling you need a clear plan, you need to be reflective and mindful, and above all, you need proven systems to hold you accountable.


Get in the Bowling Zone will help you get on a winning track today, so grab your copy now you can adopt the right bowling mindset and smile as the pins fall again and again.

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